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Did you know that people with autism and learning disabilities help to make our products? CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
Did you know that people with autism and learning disabilities help to make our products? CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

WBC Gardening Membership Club

Did you know ... that my membership brings together groups of like-minded people who all share my love of nature and have a common interest in the people I nurture and support on my 'World of Work - Work Placement Programme which supports young people who have a 'Special Education Needs' into paid employment.  I teach life, social and work skills. 

I am autistic myself and find life a real challenge every day, but the more amazing young people I meet the more I am able to learn about my differences myself.  I love watching the young people who join my programme grow and blossom and learn how to cope with our world being different. 

I am out to prove that being different need not be a disability, it's just a different ability and one that provides amazing talent and attention to detail. Did you know that people with learning disabilities and autism help to make our products in our workshop in Stoke on Trent.  Young people from SEN colleges join us for a year for me to help get them 'WORK READY' and able to cope.  The ethos of my community interest company (soon to be charity) is to combine NATURE - NUTURE - NETWORK and create a big family of members. 

New shocking data highlights the autism employment gap

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published new data that shows just 22% of autistic adults are in any kind of employment. This is a shocking figure and one which we intend to tackle and improve the social imbalance.  

Did you know ... that when you join you will also help to save nature while you shop and in return we will provide you with a 10% discount off each basket purchase for one year, you will receive £20 worth of gift vouchers for which you can use one £5 for every sale over £20.01 plus a FREE Canvas Tote Shopping bag and our brochures. 

Also as a member you will receive vital information on how to save nature in your own gardens, on community land and stretching out to landowners, developers and industrial land. You will also receive 

  • £20 worth of gift vouchers 
  • FREE Canvas Shopping Tote Bag
  • Brochures and Newsletter
  • 10% off your basket cost for a year
  • Invitation to our annual “Nature Recovery Party” 

All our products are shipped direct to your home, unless you are located near to Stoke on Trent then you can visit our workshop/retail shop and wood shop where here you can buy anything we have in at the time of your visit.  

You can also buy a plethora of gifts, clothing and industrial furniture from us, which we make in our workshop.  You can have bespoke garden furniture made for your homes, workplace or own retail outlets.  We sell to the trade and general public.  As a trade customer you will need to spend £300 with us to gain our trade prices and prove you are a retailer or on-line seller.