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Did you know that people with autism and learning disabilities help to make our products? CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
Did you know that people with autism and learning disabilities help to make our products? CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
What is Biodiversity Net Gains?

What is Biodiversity Net Gains?

Biodiversity net gain (BNG) is a way to contribute to the recovery of nature while developing land. It is making sure the habitat for wildlife is in a better state than it was before development.

Who it will affect?

BNG will apply to you if you are a: Land manager, Developer or Local planning authority (LPA). 

If you’re a developer:

You must try to avoid loss of habitat to a piece of land you plan to do development work on. If you cannot do this, you must create habitat either on-site or off-site. On-site means on the land your development work is on. Off-site is either your own land away from the development site, or you have bought units from a land manager.

If you cannot use on-site or off-site land, you must buy statutory credits from the government. You must provide evidence for using this option. This must be a last resort. The government will invest in habitat creation elsewhere in England.

We Partnered with Ground Control To Deliver The Net Gains Solutions 

’WBC is award winning (CIC) with a proven track record of ESG success. WBC are UNIQUE, our ethos and mission is to help save the crisis of nature and nurture people who are different by tackling social imbalances and social impacts.

In our factory in Stoke on Trent we combined our skilled workforce and integrate young adult SEND college leavers and provide a totally supported on-the-job skills and learning workshop, that supports - teaches and nurtures people with additional needs in a working environment where deadlines for habitat manufacturing is a daily demand. In just one year together WBC have made over 20,000 homes for nature recovery.

Our not for profit CIC is lead by Sammy Holman Founder - Designer and CEO a true force of nature and a pioneer for internships and work placements for people who are different. Sammy is autistic herself and wants to help increase the current appalling 2% imbalance of people with learning disabilities and autism who are currently employed in the UK.

Sammy and her team teach life skills, coping mechanisms and industry skills in a busy working carpentry and product development environment. WBC were introduced to GC by Julia Davies, from We Have The Power, as Julia felt there was a perfect synergy as our organisations shared the same ethos with our commitments to saving the crisis of nature and restoring lost habitats.

However, Ground Control like many others do not have many choices of where to buy good quality British habitat recovery products and they needed a partner that could deliver what their clients will need for this soon to be Mandatory Net Gains requirements. WBC has been manufacturing for GC for a year now and are continuing to design, develop and create excellent quality products for their corporate business connections.



Ground Control has a strong commitment to sustainability, they use technology and data to nurture environments and enable their customers to deliver on their environmental promises. Ground Control unites the best of people, places and partners to realise the potential of human nature at its best.

Ground Control is entrusted by a range of large clients including Tesco, NHS, Sainsbury’s, Severn Trent Water, Sodexo, National Rail and Travelodge just to name a few and WBC are partnering with GC to delivery whatever any of these and other clients might need. 

Do you need a solution for your NET GAINS Delivery, we can help not only manufacturer, design and develop solutions for you, but the FM's landscaping teams at Ground Control can take care of all the installation and on-going maintenance solutions for you. 

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