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Did you know that people with autism and learning disabilities help to make our products? CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
Did you know that people with autism and learning disabilities help to make our products? CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
Sammy's Blog - Why join my Gardening Club Membership?

Sammy's Blog - Why join my Gardening Club Membership?

Why join my Gardening Club membership? My membership brings together groups of like-minded people who all share my love of nature and have a common interest in the people I nurture and support on my 'World of Work - Work Placement Programme which supports young people who have a 'Special Education Need' in paid employment. 

This membership connects my SEN world to other talented autistic people like me and their parents, to form a group that understand, stand together and warms the cockles of each other and share supportive information about our difficulties, mental health issues, love of gardening and the need to save nature and leave it in a better position than when we first found it.   

Your £10 a year which is just 2p a day supports the expansion of our World of Work Placement Programme so other schools and colleges can bring their young people to us and we can support their needs and teach skills and on-the-job training to build confidence, life, social and work skills to become 'Work-Ready" and achieve a fully paid job, tackling the terrible current 22% social imbalance in the UK of people like me who actually are actually employed. 

New shocking data highlights the autism employment gap

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published new data that shows just 22% of autistic adults are in any kind of employment. 

Once you join our membership you can shop on here or also visit my other hobby shop or if you are local to Stoke on Trent come and visit  my NEW bricks and mortar destination shop in Longton, Stoke on Trent.  It does not matter where you shop with us your membership discounts will apply. 

When you join you will help me create a family of supporters who just love nature, gardening and who share a common interest in autism and learning disabilities and support our imminent need for funding that our current community interest Not for Profit (soon to be charity) organisation needs.   

When you join my growing membership, you will have access to vital information on how to save nature in your own gardens, on community land and stretching out to landowners, developers and industrial land.  Any green spaces, small spaces, garden spaces where nature can be saved, fed and provided a home, this is what our gardening membership will help to provide, as well as the camaraderie and friendship my group will create. 

I am an Ex-Solider and whist serving my fellow soldiers were not only my brothers and sisters in arms, but they become and family and support mechanism, 40 years later we are still friends.

The membership will provide you with wildlife habitat homes for wild birds, wildlife and bugs, but also tips on the correct food, feeders and feeding stations to keep all wildlife and birds fully fed and watered. 

When you join for just 2p a day for a year, in return your membership will provide you with 10% off all baskets for one year, you will receive £20 worth of vouchers which you can use one £5 voucher with every £20.01 purchase.  You will also receive a FREE canvas tote bag and our brochures twice a year. 

I sell to the trade and general public.  As a trade customer you will need to spend £350 with us to gain our trade prices and prove you are a retailer or on-line seller. 

 What else can you spend £10 on and it mean so much to ...




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